CCleaner is a tool that can help speed up your computer and clear up your cookies. CCleaner will clean up temporary files, your browser history and cookies and also protect your registry files. Download the latest version from the Piriform website and follow the download link. Unfortunately you might have to avoid installing Google Toolbar during installation.

On launching the program, it starts with the cleaner tool. You can leave the defaults checked as they are and then click on Analyze. Analysis might take a little while if you have not run CCleaner before. Just be sure you do want to Empty the Recycle Bin, before you click on Run to action the clean up process.

Below Cleaner on the left is the Registry button. Leave all the items checked and click on “Scan for Issues”. This may take a little while to complete but then click on “Fixed selected issues..” to remove the registry problems. Save the backup of the registry as suggested but in our experience, CCleaner has never caused any problems and we have never had to use the backup.

To be honest we do not use the Tools or Options facilities. In our opinion, the facilities built into Windows will perform these functions.

CCleaner is reliable to clean up and protect your computer. It would be a good idea to run it once a month.

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